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pozzoni logistics

Autotransporti Pozzoni Enrico & C. SAS is a logistic company with a serious environmental approach. The owner and manager Enrico Pozzoni contacted Eco Energy Italia and inquired if it was possible to test Lite White Diesel over a period of time in one of the company’s trucks.

The truck chosen for the purpose was a 1999 model Renault type VI 11GTA1 470 ADR with a mileage of 420 000 km. The truck has been and is operating the route between Lecco and Mondena regularly with the same driver, enabling a fairly reliable fuel consumption calculation to compare the two fuels.

The test started on March 3rd 2007 and is ongoing

The test has the following objectives

  • Compare fuel consumption between diesel and Lite White Diesel
  • Comparison of emission analysis between diesel and Lite White Diesel
  • Gain experience with long time use of Lite White Diesel with regards to reliability, stability and impact on the vehicle’s maintenance schedule
  • Detect by means of the driver’s perception any change in the truck’s performance

Methods of analysis

  • Consumption: Record all fuelling volumes against mileage
  • Emission analysis: Opacimeter test carried out by the local Renault Garage
Consumtion Results
Total milage Average diesel consumption Average LWD consumption Average LWD consumption excl. H2O Fuel saving (compared to average diesel consumption)
(km) (ltr/1000 km) (ltr/1000 km) (ltr/1000 km) (ltr)
0,00 340,14 348.60 312,68 0
5071 340,14 348.60 312,68 139
10174 340,14 348.60 312,68 279
18762 340,14 348.60 312,68 515
25301 340,14 348.60 312,68 695

Emission Results

The emission analysis showed a significant reduction of smoke. Select printouts below to see the results from the opacimeter.

In conclusion

  • To date no problems of any kind has been detected due to use of Lite White Diesel
  • The driver reports no loss of engine power or any other disadvantages

"I believe that the results achieved with this test were extremely positive"

— Autotrasporti Pozzoni Enrico & c. s.a.s.

Last updated: 31.05.2007