Lite White Diesel on a marine diesel engine

On comission by Eco Energy Holding AS, MARINTEK (The Norwegian Marine Technology Research Institute) conducted tests with Lite White Diesel in different mixtures with water and mapped the changes in exhaust emissions and fuel consumption.

Of special interest is the reduction of NOx emission caused by adding water to the fuel in different mixing ratios. The tests comprice one reference fuel and four emulsified fuel qualities based on the reference fuel with water added: 8, 10, 12 and 15 % water.

A summary of the results

  • The average NOx reduction factor is measured and calculated to be 0.88. This means that The NOx emission is reduced by 0.88 % for each percent of water that was added to the fuel (within the tested range (8 to 15 % water).
  • The average CO reduction is found to be 39 %.
  • The average reduction of THC emission is found to be 12 %.
  • The smoke emission is significantly reduced with emulsified fuel. The average smoke reduction is found to be about 50 %.
  • Particulate emission is, on average, reduced by about 21 %.

Download the complete report

pdf Marintek February 2009 Test report (PDF, 8.8 MB)