marintek test

The Norwegian Marine Technology Research Institute performed in 2005 a test of Lite White diesel in a typical truck high speed diesel engine in order to verify the effect this fuel have on emission and fuel consumption, compared to operation on the reference diesel oil.

The test was carried out according to 8-mode ISO-8178-C1 test cycle.

Reference oil: Esso Auto Diesel Oil (Ultra low sulphur)

Lite white diesel: Esso Auto Diesel Oil (Ultra low sulphur) 89%, water 10%, emulsifier 1 %

Compared to the values of the reference diesel oil the test results were:

  • NOx reduced by 11%
  • CO reduced by 26%
  • PM reduced by 62%
  • Smoke reduced by 75%
  • Specific fuel oil consumption reduced by 1,7%
  • No loss of engine power