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1The world's increasing need for energy accelerates the pollution of our environment. There are no indications in the foreseeable future that the use of fossil fuels will be reduced. Unless effective efforts against pollution are immediately implemented, scientists predict an increase in natural disasters and deterioration of human health.

Eco Energy holds the leading technology to convert all kinds of fuel oils into environmentally friendly fuels by means of emulsification of water into the oils.

Water in oil emulsions are commonly known as microemulsions. Microemulsions are the only solution to really reduce harmful emission of air pollutants without creating any undesirable side effects such as secondary emissions or hazardous waste.

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lite white diesellite white diesel is suitable for use in diesel engines or in industrial and domestic boilers, and results in significant reduced emission of smoke, particulate, CO and NOx. Read more about it and see testresults at the lite white diesel product page

pure black fuels pure black fuels are suitable for use in all types of boilers and furnaces which are equipped to burn heavy fuel oils. Immediate effect on new and old installations and on state-of-the-art low NOx burners. Read more about it at the pure black fuels product page

stopNOx technology stopNOx technology is a very cost effective NOx-reduction technology developed for industrial boilers and furnaces. Unlike SCR or SNCR , stopNOx does not require any modification to the boiler plant. Read more about it at the stopNOx product page